The Secret Of Motivation

🇬🇧 Zigazig, ah! The secret of motivation. 🇬🇧

Perhaps the Spice Girls really were right? Shell suity, Snobby, Shouty, Sweety and Ginger maybe did have something worthwhile to say after all.

The key to motivation. Well, maybe.

Motivation for many is this elusive thing that they constantly treat like a noun when it really should be a verb.

You know, something that happens to us not something that we have to cultivate, feed, drive and direct.

Indeed, confusing verbs for nouns and righting that wrong could change your business and your life.

🤔 There is something really deep in those last 15 words if you were to ponder on it for a while. 🤔

But back to the theme, motivation, whatever you consider that to be, is a fickle mistress. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Something that only a certain few have under control.

Experts might argue about the validity of the word motivation in this context but the general public, who just want it and don't care about arguing about the intricacies of it, just need to get stuff done.

The right stuff though.

As a business owner / leader / director/ ambitious individual, you're crazy busy. You don't struggle with motivation to do, to work hard, to put in the hours...

And, yet, certain stuff doesn't get done. Usually the BIG stuff. The stuff that gets you those important things. The stuff that moves you on from busy day-to-day to building that empire.

Sometimes procrastination, sometimes, "Just too busy fella."

But I see it every day - crazy, busy peeps who will be in the same place next year as they are now.

Promising themselves things will be different.

They won't.

Here's the thing:

✅ What you want lies on the far side of something you don't want to do. Or something where you'd rather be doing something else.

Either way, it doesn't get done.

What's the key?

Know what's on the other side. See it. Feel it. Plan it. Make it real.

The other side has to be more powerful than the now. Otherwise, you just won't do it.

And neither will your teams.

So, maybe the Spice Girls were right...

Zigazig, ah!

Oh, no, sorry, that's the wrong one...

"Tell me what you want, what you really, really want."

How much time do you manage to dedicate to achieving it on a daily basis?

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