#35 5 Tips For Managing Remote Employees

#35 The One where we talk about 5 tips for managing remote employees - The #IAM10 Show.
Chances are you either have remote employees or you are one! At least some of the time. At this point, we can kind of make that assumption in the same way I know you breathe air. It's just life.
Let's face it, for many of us, it is not a path we chose. One day we and our teams were in the office or on the road and the next we were perched on our sofas trying to concentrate whilst the kids and the dog cavorted around the lounge.
Overall, productivity is good for most individuals and most organisations. Many are talking about this being peoples' ability to organise themselves but I tend to think that it is more about the impact of moving them away from disfunctional offices, water cooler politics, unnecessary meetings and myriad distractions.
So, not wishing to be the voice of doom, this may not last. I have worked from home for two decades now and have seen how perceptions, approaches and focus change. What you have now may not be what you have in 6 months or 6 years.
To ensure that things get better and not worse, in today's #IAM10 Show ('Lunch With Gavin') I am going to discuss 5 tips for managing remote employees. Klaus Allion will be dropping in to add his two bob too!
It's going to be interactive, lively and fun as always. There will be serious points but not a serious attitude so if you want to laugh and learn something over a coffee or a sarnie, then check this one out!
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