Are You A Seasoned Procrastinator

Do you procrastinate? Do you put things off that would get you better results? Are there tasks and activities that you just don't seem to get around to?

Most of us have things that we ought to do, that we should do, in some instances that we're totally motivated to do...

And yet we still don't do them.

Or we don't do them consistently. Or we don't do them until just before the weight-challenged, person-previously-known-as-a-lady sings.

But why?

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us are seasoned procrastinators. Many of us started in school; usually around the time you were given your first homework.

Remember that?

You were handed some homework and were given a week to do it. I have asked tens of thousands of people when they did their homework and...

Despite the fact that we knew we would eventually do it (only a very small percentage of us were prepared to tell the teacher to "go swing") and the fact that we knew that more homework would be piled on top of it, only a small number of us went home and did it that night.

Why not?

Pain versus pleasure. I'm not going down that rabbit hole here but, in brief, the pleasure of doing (literally) anything else outweighed the fear of not having to do it...

Until it didn't.

And for many that would not happen for days. Or even until the bus driver asked for your fare.

But what have long forgotten things such as your understanding of BODMAS got to do with your business, or your life now?

Well, that's simple; you still do it.

Most leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs I meet spend far too little time on the simple daily activities that will get them the quantum change they want.

Not because of lack of motivation. Not because of lack of knowledge. Not because of lack of willpower.

Because of lack of consistency and winning habitual behaviours.

In the IAM10 Accelerator, we focus on helping ambitious individuals (and teams) to get complete clarity on what they want, get crystal on what they need to do, and then coach/support/cheerlead them into holding themselves accountable and following through. 

All this by using the IAM10 Accelerator 90 day sprint methodology. What do you need to commit to achieve your goals and how are you going to hold yourself to it?

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