#43 The Charisma Pattern

#43 The one about the Charisma Pattern.
How to gain rapport and influence when presenting - on webinars, in meetings or on huge international stages.
As a speaker/presenter, people often ask me for the tricks of the trade. There aren't many tricks, per se, just lots of learning, hard work and practise - and a bit of je ne sais quois, obviously 🙂 - but there are one or two presenting hacks that will help you to deliver more persuasive and influential presentations.
I learned the Charisma Technique from NLP, many, many years ago and it is one that I use regularly. It will help you to:-
  • Build rapport quickly and easily with any audience of any size.
  • Deal with disinterested, antagonistic audiences.
  • Engage more fully and take your attendees on a journey with you.
  • Be a better presenter in any medium.
There's a lot of rubbish taught about NLP and NLP techniques but the only ones I teach are ones that I have used and that my clients use to improve their business and their lives.
This, I have used on thousands of stages in over 40 countries! It works.

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