How To Embrace Change In Your Business In 7 Easy Steps


🌞 How to embrace change in your business in 7 easy steps... 🌞.

We all know we are in times of change. We have to change, we have to adapt, we have to embrace new ideas, approaches and technologies.

But, just because we have to does not make it any easier. All of the age-old reasons for change not happening remain and all of the individual and company based resistance to change are as strong as ever.

Embedding the right culture is critical if you want to embrace change and change is critical if you want to thrive and survive in these challenging times.

Here are 7 easy steps for how to embrace change in your business...

  1. Take action.

    DO something. DO anything. Fire the gun. 

    Don't pontificate. Don't hesitate. Don't wait for things to be perfect. In times of change, they never will be.

    Perfection is, for many, the enemy of action and, therefore, the enemy of change.

  2. Encourage creativity.

    Encourage people to think for themselves. Encourage people to think of new ideas, new approaches. Encourage new mindsets. 

    Reward people for thinking, speaking up and sharing. Make trying new things and new strategies something to celebrate in your business.

  3. Smile in the face of adversity.

    When things go wrong, many look for someone to blame. This has always been an issue that stifles individual responsibility in many businesses but, right now, it will do more than stifle, it will suffocate.

    You need to adopt a culture of treating failure when doing new things as something that is expected; something  that is okay; something to laugh and learn about.

    The only people not making mistakes right now are those not trying anything new.

  4. Create a culture of can-do.

    Empower your people to try things out themselves without constantly looking for the royal nod from you.

    If you operate a system of only doing what you say with everyone looking to you for direction, then you will not be able to harness all of the ideas and energy of your teams.

    Everyone on your team will have ideas and suggestions and the more you encourage this, the more they will offer.

    You want ALL people in your business accessing and sharing their own unique experiences and ideas so that you can maximise the potential of everyone not just some.

  5. Learning not navel gazing.

    What happens when stuff goes wrong in your business? Do you look for who to blame? Why it went wrong? What the consequences were?

    Or do you look to what you can learn?

    When stuff goes wrong, the best organisations laugh, then learn. "What can we learn from this to let it go now?"

  6. Lead by example.

    If you want people to change, then you need to. You need to "go there first". You new to adapt and embrace the new.

    You need to do the new stuff too. Get down & dirty with the team.

    Be their leader.

  7. Be humble.

    So many leaders think that they have to be perfect. They think that they have to have all of the answers. They have to always know what to do.

    Don't be that leader who always has to be perfect. Embrace your vulnerability. Be humble.

    Having that humility and showing that vulnerability will make you more approachable, more real and a better leader.

What are your best tips for embracing change? Both individually and within your organisation?

p.s. Here is my 4 year old doing Yoga after her 3rd day ever at school. She is confident & going for it with a smile but, as you see, she has not quite got "Namaste" down. She thinks it is "Mama stay"...

Which, I guess, makes more sense to a 4 year old. She has no fears yet of trying new things. This is the kind of curiosity and confidence we want to live and breathe for ourselves and in our teams 👍.

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