The #IAM10 Show #24 - How To Take Notes In A Sales Meeting

Welcome to episode #24 of The #IAM10 Show - the one where I talk about how to take notes in a sales meeting.
I have taught this method to business owners, leaders, salespeople and anyone who sells all around the world. When you get it right, it will help you to run a better sales meeting, add more value for your clients, get to the core of the sale and remember what you need for after the meeting.
This is the method I use and that I created by melding my sales experience, my sales knowledge and various other methodologies; most notably, #mindmapping.
Years ago, I used to take pages of notes. It helped me remember things but I lost myself in pages of nonsense and had insufficient attention on the person in front of me.
Then, I took little to no notes. It helped me present but I forgot things both during the sale and afterwards when I was preparing the next meeting or the notes from the meeting.
And then I created this simple method. In this video, I will give you a big picture overview for you to take away, to practise and to use to make a difference in your sales and your business.
Let me know your tips for how to take notes in a sales meeting below.

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