#IAM10 Community Code Of Conduct

I want this #IAM10 community to be a model of can-do positivity, team spirit and community. A place where people can share their own thoughts, opinions and ideas. 

To help this along the way, I thought a few guideline might be required...

  1. Please comment, share your ideas and ask questions. That is what community is all about.
  2. Debate and discussion is positively encouraged. We all learn from each other. Diversity of opinion is great.
  3. Aggression and nastiness is a no no. In the words of James Dalton, "Be nice." (Sorry, you either know the reference or you do not!). 
  4. Use polite and respectful language. Challenge an idea but absolutely NO identity attacks.
  5. There will be absolutely no racism, sexism or hate speech of any kind. Also, no porn and no advertising. Period.
  6. We do not ban, mute or delete comments unless they break the rules above..
  7. Anyone breaking the rules will be banned or warned - my decision is final.
  8. I may add to this list if anyone comes up with additional good ones but this covers the basics.

Bottom line, I am hoping that none of you need these rules... So, dive in have fun and let's get our 10 on.

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