Insights #01: Read Me!

Mar 05, 2022


Gavin here.

Welcome to the 1st issue of IAM10 Insights - THE weekly newsletter to help you eliminate distractions, take control of your business and get stuff done.

Each week, I will share one actionable tip that will make a real difference for you and your business.

My objective is for your to make this your number one read of the week! Even if you never read anything else, I want you to be sitting at your computer or hanging around by your phone waiting to open this up!


This Week: What, Where, How, Who, Why, When.

In a world swimming in sub-par content being thrown at you from every direction, why does anyone want or need another newsletter?

Great question and one that I am going to answer with a little drawing...

Pretty huh?!

But a serious point... 

I believe that there is something missing and I am going to put forward my case...


We are living in some of the fastest changing and most competitive times ever. The internet, digital, new markets, international trade, rapidly changing demographics...

All of these mean huge opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs...

But also, it can mean crazy busy days and far too many choices leading to procrastination, paralysis by analysis, firefighting and not enough time spent on the highly leveraged activities that will help you build your business and create the life you want.

No-one sees this, of course; they just see a successful business person. Only business owners know how lonely it can be at the top and how difficult even simple decisions can sometimes be when you have just too much to do.

In this newsletter, I want to help you eliminate distractions, take control of your business and get stuff done.



You want to be able to access anywhere you are, whenever you want. On your phone, your laptop, your computer...


One email with one actionable tip ever one week.

You like what I did there? 

One thing to remember. One thing to read. One action to take.


We're all super busy and you need solutions and support not more nonsense to deal with.

IAM10 Insights will help you simplify, focus and get more done and grow your business.



Look! Anyone will benefit from IAM10 Insights from a student to a parent but it is specifically written for business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and leaders.


To help you eliminate procrastination, get more done, stay accountable, grow your sales and crush your goals.


Once per week.

That's it from me for this first issue. 

Next week we start for real. I look forward to going on this journey with you.

Have a great week and be a 10.



Delivering high value 

One a week, you'll get one actionable tip to help you take control of your business and get stuff done.

I will never sell your information, for any reason.