The #IAM10 Show #29 - What Is Your Legacy Going To Be?

#29 the one where I talk about legacy and what is your legacy?
Grandad Bernard died last night. He was 105. He was one of the nicest, kindest and most considerate people you ever will meet with that simple, quiet, confidence and presence that few people have.
For a man with hearing problems, he asked better questions, listened and was more present than anyone I know. He cared about his family, about the people he loved and about everyone around him.
Even at 100+, when many are grumpy and frail, he was the perfect old gent and those looking after him in the care home loved him like he was their own grandad.
Today, I want to talk a little about Grandad Bernard's legacy, what he left, how he lives on and contrast this with a conversation yesterday that already had me thinking about this.
So, love to Grandad Bernard. I hope I have done you justice. You have left a legacy to be proud of.
What is the legacy that you are leaving? What is the legacy that you want to leave?
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