Helping leaders make smart decisions, employ winning strategies & get better results.

Real world advice from trusted peers, valuable insights & strategy from subject matter experts, business changing accountability sessions & membership of a vibrant, can-do community of leaders.  

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Get the competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.

These are interesting times. We are facing new problems and challenges without a roadmap, leaving even some of the most confident leaders, fire-fighting, questioning and re-questioning every decision. As the boss, you have huge power and responsibility but it can also be "lonely".

Now, more than ever, it is critical that leaders have the right people around them to challenge them, give them fresh perspective and help them respond rapidly to new threats and opportunities. 

Our members can confidently take action with valuable support and guidance from peer advisory boards, expert masterclasses and workshops, accountability groups, & online tools, resources and insights.

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It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.

Become part of a community of like-minded leaders who will help you to develop your thinking, make better decisions, build your team & get better results.

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Your Directors' Compass Group

At the core of the #IAM10 process is your confidential peer group. Once a month you meet other leaders like you to discuss real challenges, opportunities and solutions. This gives you a chance to discuss current issues, ask tough questions, receive valuable advice and develop your leadership thinking.

World-class facilitation.

All groups are run by Gavin Ingham, an exec coach of 20+ years, using a proven methodology for getting to the core root of problems, encouraging focused discussions and outlining actionable strategies for your and your business. Unique accountability sessions accelerate application and help you to build your own authentic leadership model.

Thought leadership.

Learn from subject matter experts and world-class speakers. Embrace new ideas, optimise your approach and develop, personally and professionally. Bring up to two senior leaders to these events and engage your senior management team.

The Directors' Gym.

The Directors' Gym is a highly interactive and fun approach to getting outstanding results in your business in 90 day "charges". Built into the monthly sessions, your personal plan helps you to take massive action, get rapid results and holds you accountable. It can be lonely at the top and this is your support network in a way your subordinates never can be. This unique approach, based on 20 years of coaching high performing leaders, will change your thinking about performance, productivity and results. 

Business Changing Events.

Directors' Compass runs annual events such as the Directors' Compass Annual Conference and the yearly Retreat. Whilst optional (and requiring payment), these represent an opportunity to meet in person, to network, to take time out and to refresh, rethink and re-energise. 

Online tools, resources & insights.

Whether you want to catch up on an expert session that you missed, review sessions that you attended or sharpen your skill set, Directors' Compass online houses an ever growing, searchable library of motivational, educational and actionable seminars, lessons and learning. 

Get clarity, fresh perspective & support.

Find out more about how our approach can help you to get more clarity, make better decisions & get better results.

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Expert speakers to expand your thinking, inspire action & help you to develop both yourself & your business.

Who joins Directors' Compass?

You are focused on achieving more business success by being a better leader.

You are an operational leader of a business although you may carry one of many titles - Managing Director, CEO, Managing Partner (or maybe, even, the public sector). 

You manage profit and loss and make business decisions on people, processes, priorities and policies.

You are...

Courageous. Seeking to achieve more both personally and professionally.

Humble. Open to take on board new ideas and feedback. Ready to face up to your strengths and weaknesses. Passionate about being your best.

Disciplined. Ready and able to take consistent action in pursuit of self-development, team building and business success.

It's time to take action.

You can book a confidential conversation here. We can discuss your business, listen to your situation & answer any questions you have.

On your call, you'll learn the 3 keys of building high performance organisations that are working today, get more clarity on your challenges and take away valuable strategies you can apply right now to make a difference.

If, & only if, it is appropriate, we will tell you more about Directors' Compass. If it's not for you, we will do our best to suggest other resources that will help you & your business. 

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