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The #IAM10 Thrive Project was born to help business owners, leaders and professionals in these difficult times by bringing together expert speakers that can help you to develop the right mindset, deal with rapid change, gain clarity on what you need to do and create a community to support you in taking action.



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Our interviews will provoke, stimulate and entertain; inspiring you to create practical action plans that reflect such unprecedented times.

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We are going through unprecedented times. Individuals and businesses are facing challenges and situations that they neither expected nor planned for.

People are experiencing anxiety, fear and doubt - about their businesses, their lives and their futures - that they haven't before. Many simply do not know what the right path is.

The #IAM10 Thrive Project is bringing together expert speakers to give you actionable strategies, to answer your questions and to build a community of like-minded people who want to focus on what they can do.

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Powerful ideas, strategies & insights...

When this first blew up, my first reaction was the safety of my family - their health and their financial security.

My second was to pedal harder. But I quickly realised - everything has changed. People need help, they need it now and they need more than I could possibly give alone.

After 20 years helping individuals and organisations to raise performance, I knew what is needed is a team of experts - people with realistic positivity, valuable insights and actionable strategies. People who can make a real difference.

I had the contacts and the passion to put this team together so I committed my time and energy to creating the #IAM10 Thrive Project.


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